Moving Abroad with Family: Our New Life in San Ramón, Costa Rica

What is it really like to move your family to a foreign country? What does it take to leave your friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors for any amount of time longer than a typical 1 – 2 week vacation? Where do you go? How do you find a place to live? What does it feel like once you get there? How do you establish a new normal? I don’t know what it was/will/would be like for you and your family, but I can share what it has been like for ours.

The 7 Ways to Escape the Rat Race

Rat race (noun, an Americanism dating back to...

What I Wish I Could Have Said on PBS NewsHour

We had the honor of participating in a story on PBS NewsHour with Mr. Money Mustache. Also featured were Mark & Sina Ebersole and Michelle Jackson, all of whom Michael met through his time at the MMM Headquarters. Click to...

Northwest Road Trip Recap: Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Washington, and Back!

Last summer, we bought an old RV for $12,000 so we could take a month long road trip to the Pacific Northwest. This summer, we sold that RV for $14,000. I’ll share more details about the RV itself next week, but the trip was a big one for us so we wanted to recap that...

FinCon 2018 Recap, or How Carl Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Busch Beer

I returned home this week from FinCon 2018, the grand finale of my busiest month in recent years. Even though I’m eager to get back to my wonderful everyday family man life, I gave myself permission to take a mental health break for my first day and a half back home....
Ms. Montana Interviewed Us!

Ms. Montana Interviewed Us!

Ms. Montana invited us to kick off a new guest post series on her site featuring people who have done a mini-retirement or a flexible life option. I feel our story easily falls into at least the second category so I happily agreed. But wait, why did Ms. Montana invite...
What Financial Health Means to Me

What Financial Health Means to Me

According to CFSI’s Consumer Financial Health Study, nearly half of American households struggle to keep up with their bills and credit card payments. Most U.S. households are concerned about their financial health and aren’t confident they can meet their long-term...
Our Airbnb Experiment: Part 2

Our Airbnb Experiment: Part 2

This is the follow-up article to Our Airbnb Experiment: Part 1. When we decided to spend 3 months in Ecuador, we wrestled with whether to simply leave our home empty or rent it out. The wasteful inefficiency of leaving a 4-bedroom 4 bathroom 2,900 square foot home...
11 Super-Simple Steps to Financial Independence

11 Super-Simple Steps to Financial Independence

Welcome! We’ll be discussing financial independence around here quite a bit so I thought I’d begin by sharing the super-simple 11 step formula I followed to become financially independent in my early thirties: I lived where I grew up until my job told me where to...

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