Introducing FI Clubs

We want to promote local and online community groups and events that empower people to become financially independent. FI Clubs exchange ideas about generating more income, reducing wasteful spending, and leading healthier, happier lives.

From IT Pros to Retired World Travelers

Teresa (49), Michael (42), and their young son are currently living in Cuenca, Ecuador. They’re financially independent, retired early, learning Spanish, and generally enjoying the life of their choosing. They are ordinary people living a seemingly extraordinary life....

Our Guest Post At PlentyVegan.Com

A close friend and creator of the site recently asked me to write up a piece on how we are raising our children on a plant-based diet. With lots of thoughts about that very topic swimming through my head, I enjoyed having the chance to write it all...

Quitting My Job Saved Us Thousands

I loved my job. I really did. But I’m so glad I quit. There are several reasons I decided to do so. The biggest and most compelling reason was because we were moving to Colorado and having a second child. If those two factors had not been a piece of the larger puzzle,...

Why Uncommon Dream?

My grandfather was super special. Kind, gentle, mischievous, adventurous, incredibly loving, and so darn smart. He had a sparkle in his eye and an easy laugh. People didn’t just like him. They adored him. Growing up, I was no exception. I just loved my grandfather so...

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